This Is MeHello, My Name Is Ola Stoe and I live in a Small city called Moss In Norway.

I’m 52 years Old and have 2 children and they are 12 and 9 years old. A girl and a boy. I have them every second week and in Holidays because i’m divorced from my ex Wife .

Thats OK for know I have all the time I want to make websites in WordPress. I have 5-6 domains and I have just starting to design the sites and I have find the theme I want to use and that is the GLORIA and The MAGENTA Theme.I have been searching for themes a few years and Know I came over the GLORIA theme and everything fall into places, Everything was OK with this Theme and You Can Use Avada’s Fusion Builder Whit this Theme. If You are writing a Blog or News Site so Buy These Theme because it’s just so Good. They are very good themes and make it super easy to build very good looking websites.

I have learned mostly by myself but I have Worked at a IT-Department in a Big Transportation Company and we was only 3 people who had to Make everything working in The IT-Department or we was 2 because the third one was the Boss so he didn’t do so Much of The Work.. From the Network, the websites, Intranet all the software and support for people who only could work with the software they used to do the work with, So I learned a lot from Working there for 4 years..

I have a good understanding of html, CSS and JavaScript and mostly everything you have to know to build a Website.

Website Design I like the most but some Development is also OK. Working whit API Keys and so On.

So Please use the Contact me site to write what you think as things happens here on the site and give me some ideas on what I can Have on the Site and so on.

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