FBI Director James Comey reveals he’s on Twitter and Instagram


James Comey may know all about the security risks of sharing personal information and pictures online, but that hasn’t stopped the director of the FBI from operating his own social media accounts.

During a Wednesday evening address to the Intelligence and National Security Alliance Leadership Dinner in Alexandria, Va., Comey revealed he’s on both Twitter and Instagram.

In speaking about a tweet one of his daughters showed him last summer, Comey noted that he’s now on President Trump’s favorite social media platform.

“One of my daughters shared with me last summer — maybe late last summer — a tweet. Actually I’m on Twitter now. I have to be on Twitter,” Comey said. “She showed it to me and it said: ‘That Comey is such a political hack. I just can’t figure out which party.'”

Comey went on to say how he told colleagues, “‘That is the greatest compliment,'” though didn’t reveal what his Twitter handle might be.

There doesn’t seem to be an official verified Twitter account in Comey’s name, but the FBI does have one, which, among other social media platforms, it says it uses to “engage w/ the public through #Twitter chats, live broadcasts, & more.”

Comey also revealed he has an Instagram account, which he suggested is private.

“I have an Instagram account with nine followers. Nobody’s getting in,” Comey said. “They’re all immediate relatives and one daughter’s serious boyfriend — I let him in because they’re serious enough.”

He added: “I don’t want anybody looking at my photos, but I treasure my privacy and security on the Internet.”

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