What is Google+ and why should I use it?

Part social network, part beta system

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Google Plus is something of a black sheep in the world of social media. Even as a young network of three years that has grown faster than many of the current leaders, Google Plus has been disparaged and shunned by much of the public for the moves Google has made with it. Google Plus has long required users to use their real name as their screen name, a move which was made even more unpopular when Google announced that YouTube comments would take place through Google Plus. That requirement is now gone, much to the delight of SamsungKnight1134.

Recently, the departure of the public face of Google+, Vic Gundotra, led many to call the network dead. These naysayers claim Google Plus doesn’t work, it doesn’t make sense, and that it’s a ghost town. I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong. It is alive, it absolutely works, and you should almost definitely use it.

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus do not rely on your existing connections — it will help you make new ones.

Google Plus is a social network that builds off of your Google Account. If you have a Google Account, you can activate your Google Plus account as easily as you would activate Google Now. At first, it seems about the same as Facebook or Twitter, importing contacts and assigning them to circles — Google+’s version of lists. After that, you can add curated circles for your particular interests, entertainment, news, sports, etc. That said, the first big difference is that Google Plus isn’t reliant on any of those real-life contacts you import.

Google Plus helps you connect to others with your passion with Communities, and helps you keep those interests separate with Circles. Just as you don’t want to share your Facebook party pics with your parents (and maybe you really shouldn’t share them anywhere), you don’t want to send your pumpkin seed recipe with your fellow Android enthusiasts. I have separate circles for work, news, and tech, and we share directly with communities instead of circles for niche content. We can also control the amount of content We see from each community in our feed in each community’s settings.

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